Friday, 12 October 2012

16 reasons why you really, really don't want to be a telepath

It's been a while since I did a list, so here's one to think about (just not too hard)...

1. A very real sense of inadequacy.
2. Non-delusional paranoia.
3. The ruinous hangover of the guy sitting next to you on public transport.
4. Jehovahs Witnesses and time share salespeople.
5. Children trying to do arithmetic homework.
6. Cthulhu.
7. Passing groups of Hare Krishnas.

8. Teenage boys.
9. People with obsessive compulsive disorder.
10. Rappers.
11. People with kidney stones or groin strain.
12. Football matches.
13. Bad romance.
14. You can't live near dogs.
15. Spending holidays hiding in the cellar of the sweet old biddy across the road because she doesn't have a thought in her head.
16. You still can't predict the lottery or random asteroid strikes.


  1. You missed - knowing the person you have fallen completely in love with doesn't care at all for you...:(
    Great list and I'm sure there will be a long list of others coming your way.

  2. Added, with a rather nice link.