Friday, 22 March 2013

Mindset Cafe: 2013-03-22

On the menu tonight... two servings of ash, real head transplants, monsters washing up on beaches, lovely bones, children's book designs and the origin of the smiley face.

The taste of ashes

Two authors who touched me died this week. Probably the most important was Chinua Achebe,  who might not be well known internationally, was an icon and a touchstone for many on the African continent. If you haven't read it yet, the book you want to begin with is 'Things Fall Apart'.  Hambakale, Tate (and a nod and a double hand clap for respect). James Herbert, who was with me in my childhood has also gone. There was a Kindle special over the last few weeks on many of his works. I wonder if that was a parting gift?

Stories for stories

The head transplant is an under-explored theme in horror, but always a delicious thrill. It's not entirely science fiction or horror though, as the lovely folks in white lab coast are experimenting with all sorts of interesting things. In fact, you can transplant the heads of insects!!!  Cool, huh? How do you know the apocalypse is about to arrive? Skip the zombie stuff, and take a look at this lovely portent: monsters washing up on beaches. Bones are always fun, and I can never get enough of the rattling of eldritch skellies, clattering through the night on some wicked mission. If you're like me, here's something groovy for you.  Damn! I just love inappropriate adjectives.

Reading and writing

It struck me that finding books, sometimes can be tricky, so this item on the various awards for genrefiction may come in handy. As you are reading this, you probably know all about good reads, but here's a handy item on screenplays, which could just as easily servefor books.  And, here;s a rather nice page from Brain Pickings with rather nice children's book designs. That's all.

Mother Nature and other terrifying things

A lot of science is beginning to center around the environment and some of the innovations make a lot of sense. Take a look at one or two of the items in this article. LightSail Energy is particularly interesting. I've been punting this on various sites, so no reason not to punt it here. Saturday, 23 March, is Earth Hour. Have a look and have fun. Friday, 22 March, was World Water Day. Here's bunch of cool illustrations from a book for kids on the topic of water, to mark the day.

And finally...

...I am completely addicted to those smile face, emoticon thingies on skype, so this article on the origins of the smiley face tickled me.

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