Friday, 1 March 2013

Mindset Cafe: 2013-03-01

My browsing has been patchy during the week so the offering will be brief, but there's some tasty stuff on today's menu. Take a look...

Stories for stories

Is nature getting out of control? Is madness overcoming the natural order of things? BBC reports that vampire bats are attacking penguin chicks. What next? 'Happy Feet 3: The Bloodletting'? In a story that seems to come out of the realm of Gernsback's pulpy pages, Wired reports that two rat brains were wired remotely to one another and that they are communicating. Does this mean they will get their own Ratbook?  In Moscow, police have arrested a self-styled wizard on suspicion of being behind the serial killing of several photo models. No doubt the Day and Night Watches have an eye on the thing. And in news that could either be out of an Indiana Jones movie or a Monte Python sketch, researchers have found a new secret biblical code which they are calling... wait for it... THE GENESIS DEATH SANDWICH!!!

Reading and writing

No writing again. I solemly swear I will be up early tomorrow morning and getting my crap together. For the meanwhile, here's some goodies on reading...

Right now, I'm busy with James Ellroy's  'American Tabloid'. It's hard boiled and as gritty as your mouth if you smile into the face of a dust devil. It's a reread, so it must be good, if only in my mind. The racist language is difficult to absorb, especially as that has never been a comfy feature of my existence, but I'm convincing myself that it's in keeping with the characters. Also in this week – 'The New X-Men: E is for Extinction'.  This one is penned by Grant Morrison. Everyone raves about Alan Moore, but for a really delicious cerebral hit, Morrison hits the spot every time. Last, but not least, a new book has caught my eye. Karen Russel's 'Vampires in the Lemon Grove' looks like it's right up my alley. It hasn't made it to Kindle yet, which suits me. Half the pleasure of new books is in the wanting.

Mother Nature and other terrifying things

CITES is calling for a war on wildlife crime to mirror the war on drugs. The fresh angle in this appeal is that it makes note of the human victims of wildlife syndicates.  Poachers are armed and deadly. Sky brings us the news that Guam is to be laced with poisoned mice carcasses to deal with the snake problem. What could possibly go wrong?

And finally...

…Lego is just toooooo coooooool, and if you agree with me, take a look at these indie designs, most of which have a less than slender chance of making it into official Lego kit form.

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