Friday, 8 March 2013

Mindset Cafe: 2013-03-08

Tehran battles giant genetically mutated rats, return from death sometimes possible, great tits can be deadly, the secret art of Dr Seuss, awesome poetry and more cool Lego...

Something for Women's Day

The media implants a certain picture in out heads of what women should look like. Unfortunately it is not an entirely true image. Take a look at these women from tribal communities who are battling the challenges thrown in their way.

Stories for stories

Tehran is battling giant, genetically mutated rats with sniper teams, I kid you not. Even the cats are to terrified to do the job. According to a report, Indonesia is passing a law to make black magic illegal.  Can that be for real? It depends on what you believe. Here's one for all you zombie fans. A new book suggests that return from certain kinds of death is indeed possible. And according to an article in New Scientist, great tits are murderous. Go ahead. Click the link. I dare you.

Reading and writing

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Lego is cool. Take a look at these projects inspired by books. Dr Seuss is also cool. Here's a selection of rather nice artwork that hasn't been seen much.  I really love poetry, and sometimes it's the easiest thing to read at the end of the day, quick and satisfying. That being said, a lot of it doesn't stick easily, but this one, by Charles Bukowski, did. In fact it left me spinning for half a day this week. And while we're there, here's some Carson McCullers that also comes back to me a couple of times a year. 

Mother Nature and other terrifying things

This insanely hot summer has opened my eyes even wider than they were before, by leaving most of what I planted useless for consumption. According to yet another report, we can expect more of the same, only hotter.  Obviously we can expect a lot more discontent and unrest in future, as food becomes more expensive, leading to the question of the sustainability of civilisation if humanity cannot feed itself.

And finally...

...Disney is saying goodbye to hand drawn animation.

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