Friday, 30 November 2012

Mindset Cafe: 2012-11-30

The last ninjas, the nuclear moon, acid seas, writing compulsion, a Ray Bradbury interview and bookish playpen props for sapiosexuals.

Stories for stories

Ninjaaaaas! Hai! Hanging from the ceiling with shurikens between their teeth and nunchakas dangling from between their toes. Better write the story now. Apparently they aren't going to be around much longer. Fans of EE 'Doc' Smith and Campbells golden age will find amusement in the revelation of the 1960s US ambition to launch nuclear weapons from the moon. The story that parts of the sea are becoming acidic is probably more suited to the 'Mother Nature' section, but as they come across like something out of 'The Cursed Earth', I'm putting the link right here...  Old drugs are being put to new uses. Maybe the Wiccan traditionalists are infiltrating large pharmaceutical companies. And, finally, people do odd things while they sleep. Lately, this includes texting.

Reading and writing

It's been a tough week, so I haven't put my head (or fingers) to writing. Instead, I have been plowing my way through Harry Dresden 13 which has been amusing enough without needing too much thought. Looking at my personal reaction to not writing (irritation, tension and a grimy feeling in my head), my betting is that writing is a quick way to get serotonin moving, in other words, a high of sorts. Reading used to do that for me. So did my columns. Now it's story writing that wants to happen. The serotonin thing may also explain why writing is such a compulsion.

I haven't thought about it much and in the absence of writing, I don't have much to witter on about, so here's some cool items that grabbed me during the week. A rather funky organisation believes that disaster victims should be given books alongside food, shelter, clothing and other types of assistance. A lost Ray Bradbury interview has come to light, courtesy of Paris Review. A conference on getting people to read for pleasure was held in the UK. It's a bit of a sad state of affairs when things get to that point. Book Riot has a really cool article on what your piles of books say about you. These piles come across as playpen props for sapiosexuals. Anyone want to swap intimate pics of bedside tables and bookshelves?

Mother Nature and other terrifying things

New measures of ice loss (and some gain) have been announced. There is a fair degree of uncertainty to the data, which is no surprise, if you have ever tried to predict where the next bubble will appear in a pot of boiling water. Botswana is about to halt commercial hunting but will allow traditional hunting. Expect this to be in place until species recover and culls are needed. And here's an interesting piece on the superbug issue

And finally... about some really dodgy Christmas ornaments?

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