Sunday, 25 November 2012

I haven't seen Breaking Dawn Part 2, twice

The first time I didn't see Breaking Dawn 2 was on Friday, when the queue was endlessly full of young teenage girls. I inadvertently put on my black trousers, black shirt and black shoes before heading out, so I am glad we didn't bother to queue. There is nothing sadder than the idea of an old goth type queuing with a bunch of young adolescents to see something like that.

The second time I didn't see it was on Saturday morning, this time wearing a white shirt. The queue was much shorter, but people were leaving the head of the queue with sour faces. It turned out the guy who operated the projector was in an accident, so no such luck. Fortunately, the queue wasn't full of young ones. Apparently, being strangers to sunrise, they sleep late.

Why would I want to see Breaking Dawn 2? I have heard so many things about it that I cannot let my daughter see it until I am certain she can handle it. She's aged a bit below the age restriction.

Hello, Hollywood Joe, or whatever your name or position is. I respect your right to exploit the pocket money of young girls with movies like the Twilight series to fund your lifestyles, but when you make a series like that, don't start them off on lower age restrictions and then push them up so that parents are saddled with children who are in tears, because they can't go to see the movie.

Or perhaps you could consult whoever it is you pay to do your parenting for you, and issue an advisory on how to handle the crushed expectations of the young ones.

It's bad enough not seeing it unwillingly twice. Now I have to contend with third time lucky.

Second prize went to Hotel Transylvania for our Sunday morning movie. It's a mawkish thing with a standard plot that entails a boy and a girl overcoming prejudice to give shape to their love, but it goes down well because of the presence of re-imagined monsters fearing the prejudice of humans who want to destroy them.

One or two moments rose above the rest. The wolfman attempting to share the bed with multiple litters was hilarious. It's easy enough to sit through.

There was a giant tentacle during the pool party scene, but I couldn't make out anything that was obviously Cthulhu. I mentioned this to my daughter, who told me that Cthulhu is not for kids, unlike the Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy. It's a pity I only remembered Zoidberg from Futurama half an hour later.

Highlight of the morning was the 'Rise of the Guardians' trailer which says it is from the makers of 'How to Train Your Dragon' and lists Giullermo del Toro as an executive producer.

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