Thursday, 10 January 2013

14 signs that you are peculiar on Peculiar People Day

To mark Peculiar People Day on 10 January 2013, use this list to flatter yourself. If you answer 'yes' to one or more of these things, pat yourself on the back for making life interesting for mundane proles.

  1. Your hobby or interest gets less than 3 million search results on Google.
  2. People listen carefully when you talk to yourself. *
  3. You pick and choose from different political and religious beliefs, so that you get the best collection of beliefs on the market.
  4. You don't watch much TV because your nightmares are more entertaining than the shows.
  5. You laugh out loud for no apparent reason in crowded lifts.
  6. Many of your conversations end with looks of discomfort or outright horror.
  7. You quite like the 'no adverbs' rule in writing because it gives you an excuse to let loose like Genghis Khan with similes and metaphors.
  8. You take pride in and nurture your  minor vices, because you don't want your life to be unbalanced by major ones.
  9. You've given up apologising for thinking different or being different because it's taking way, way too much time and you are too old and settled to be arsed anymore.
  10. You don't post photos of Grumpy Cat, saccharine quotes or whatever the meme of the day is on Facebook.
  11. You remember Mac's 'Think different' line and snigger uncontrollably.
  12. People blaspheme and hide under the table when you enter the room
  13. You feel that, on 10 January, you finally get the respect you deserve.
  14. 14 has been deleted for the hell of it.  Sort of.
* But your pets ignore you because they are used to it, and they don't pick up any good advice, anyway.


  1. Number 5. I'm always embarrassing my teenaged son by laughing out loud for no apparent reason in public places. On a plane, in the queue at McDonalds...

  2. Number 5 is a double laugh. I get to laugh at myself afterwards as well.